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Road Traffic Collision Claims

Deceitful car insurers. Personal injury victims suffering in favour of insurer’s profit margins.

Statistics strongly suggest that car insurers are negatively and suspiciously exaggerating the amount of fraudulent claims to lure the Government into a clampdown on personal injury payments.

The budget

You may be aware that Chancellor George Osborne declared strategies in last month’s Autumn Statement to obliterate payouts for minor injuries and to direct lesser cases to the Small Claims Court. Plans were put in place subsequent to pressure and hassle from insurance companies and bosses, including Aviva chief executive Mark Wilson, who has grumbled of a “whiplash gravy train” compelling an increase in premiums for other drivers. 

The reality – there has been a considerable decrease in personal injury claims

However, it has been shown that insurer’s own data illustrate that, in reality, insurer are enjoying a decrease in personal injury payouts. Looking at statistics from the Association of British Insurers, personal injury payments fell significantly from £8.3billion in 2010 to £5.9billion last year. 

Insurers are profiting from the decrease but continue to raise premiums

Insurers have consequently made substantial profits. Despite such savings, insurers have failed to stop the average policy price rising from 9.2 per cent in the past year.  

Statements made by numerous leading insurers to their shareholders have even alluded that the insurance industry has enjoyed a “profit bonanza” as a result to the decrease in claims. 

Greedy insurers are looking personal injury victims to suffer so they can make more profit

Insurers can now enjoy a prosperous outlook as a result of the further crackdown by Osbourne who is banning cash payouts for “minor” whiplash claims.

Insurers have coerced Osbourne suggesting they shall be able to decrease premium prices if there is a reduction in personal injury payments.

However, insurers have already enjoyed a vast drop in personal injury payouts, yet continue to raise premium prices in an identical pattern as before.

The real problem

The true problem is clear. Efforts should be focused at identifying and preventing true fraudulent claims.

It also wouldn’t hurt monitoring the avaricious insurers who seem to be profiting from the losses of personal injury victims.